Custom Boxes

Custom box packaging means that the packaging is designed in a way the product fits perfectly. Print247 custom boxes offer flexibility in various shapes and designs. These types of custom boxes ensure the perfect fitness packaging of your product and maximum protection during shipping. Print247 allows you to promote your product with our customized packaging solution. They help to get your product visibility and boost your brand. You can customize your product packaging according to your desire and demand. 

Print247 provides unique printing processes like the Pantone matching system and CMYK printing techniques. They create the perfect color pattern on your customized boxes that attract customers and grab their attention. Our company provides different material-based custom boxes like cardboard boxes, bleach board boxes, and hologram boxes. These material-based custom boxes are good for your product’s safety and protection during transportation.

Benefits of High Quality Custom Boxes

Enhance the Brand Identity

Custom boxes play a very important role in enhancing the brand’s visibility. You can incorporate the brand ability with the brand colors, logos, and recognizable brand image. Using Print247 custom boxes, you can make a memorable impression on the customers.

Protection and Safety

Custom boxes are designed to protect fragile or delicate items during transit. By choosing the right material and adding additional protective elements such as cushioning, they can ensure your product arrives in perfect condition. They lead the customer satisfaction and reduced returns.

Increase the Shelf Life

Print247 custom boxes give you a unique opportunity to get into the market and promote your product. Good product packaging always increases your product’s shelf life; also, they enhance the product’s visibility on the shelf of the retail market. Attractive packaging can always attract the customer and boost their interest in purchasing the product.

Maintain the Quality

If you manufacture any product, you better know the worth or importance of the packaging. Good and safe packaging always maintains the Quality of your product and keeps them away from contamination, just as dust, etc. Customers always prefer the best packaging product that ensures they use a healthy and good product. So maintaining your product quality is our top priority through our Print247 packaging, which is airtight and protects your product from light, dust, moisture, and other damages.

Custom Boxes Cover Different Types of Industries

There are different product manufacturers in the retail market. Custom packaging boxes cover many different industries. You can utilize the custom packaging boxes in many retail product packaging.

Some of these are mentioned here.

  • Custom CBD packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Health care packaging
  • Custom electronics packaging 

Types of Custom Boxes

There are various categories of custom boxes that Print247 provides; some of these are mentioned below:

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are very versatile and widely used packaging. They are very lightweight, cost-effective, and customized box packaging. They are used in industries such as commerce, retail, and food. Cardboard boxes are often used for the protection and safety of the product during transportation.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are known for their strength and durability. These boxes are made up of three layers of material, with a fluted middle layer providing protection.

Display Boxes

Display boxes are also known as shelf-ready boxes. These boxes are designed to showcase the product actively in the store. These boxes have a window or transparent panel that allows the customers to see the product inside. Display boxes use mostly for retail items like cosmetics, food products, and electronics.

Mailing Boxes

Mailing boxes are designed specifically for shipping purposes. They are sturdy and provide protection during transportation. There are the following features of the mailing boxes such as; self-locking tabs and tear strips for convenient packaging.

Choosing the right type of custom boxes through the Print247 custom boxes ensure your products are well-protected and visually appealing.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, also known as set-up boxes, for their sturdiness and high-end appearance. These rigid boxes are made from thick cardboard or paperboard that offers excellent protection for delicate or luxury items. Rigid boxes are commonly used for jewelry, electronics, and gift packaging.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are custom boxes cut into specific shapes or designs using a die-cutting machine. This allows precise box designs, making them suitable for products that require unique packaging shapes or branding elements.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are lightweight, versatile, and easy to assemble. They are typically made from paperboard and are ideal for packaging items such as food products, pharmaceuticals, and small retail items. Folding cartons can be customized with various printing and finishing options to enhance product presentation.

Best Quality Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale

Print247 provides you a custom printed boxes wholesale at very reasonable and affordable prices. Our packaging material is made of sturdy that holds the pressure of your product inside the box and maintains its structure. Gets your custom printed boxes in cardboard, rigid, and corrugated according to your product requirements.

Customers cannot see the actual product inside the packaging; they judge the worth and goodness of the product by the packaging. So we are sure the quality of the packaging boxes will increase your sales.

Custom Boxes Design and Printing Options by Print247

Custom boxes are not only used for functional packaging solutions but also provide an opportunity for businesses and create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. When it comes to designing and printing custom boxes, there are several options to consider.

Logo and Branding

Induce your company logo on custom printed boxes which is very crucial for brand recognition. When your logo is prominently displayed on the box, it catches the attraction of customers’ eyes. Additionally, consider the brand elements such as brand colors, taglines, and more.

Color and Graphics

Choosing the right colors and graphics by Print247 in making custom boxes. Colors should align with your brand and product, creating a visually pleasing and cohesive look. High-quality graphics, illustrations, or product images can also be incorporated to enhance the box’s aesthetic appeal and engage customers.

Cheap Custom Boxes with Attractive Finishing Techniques

If you want to make the day special for someone and put a smile on their face, then choose our custom gift boxes. You can make your own personalized, customized gift box packaging per your requirements. We offer different styles and sizes of custom box packaging. You can make your gift box more special by incorporating the logo of the birthday and receiver name and different wishes creations on the packaging box by Print247 custom packaging boxes. We can also add the extra addition to the custom gift boxes like glitter combinations.

  • Embossing/Debossing: These techniques create recessed designs on the box surface, adding texture and visual interest.
  • Foil Stamping: Foil stamping uses metallic and colored foil to create shiny accents on the box.
  • Spot UV: Spot UV coating applies for a glossy look to specific box areas, creating contrast and enhancing certain design elements.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Cheap Custom Boxes

By increasing environmental concerns, eco-friendly elements in custom box design are becoming very important. Using recyclable or biodegradable materials showcases a commitment to sustainability with environmentally conscious customers.