Metalized Packaging Boxes

Metalized boxes are containers coated with a layer of thin metallic film. This coating gives the box shinny and attractive appearance. Metalized boxes are widely used in industries due to their aesthetic appeal and luxurious look. Metalized packaging boxes provides enough protection to the product from external damage. The metallic coating shield the product from moisture, light and oxygen. Metalized boxes are ideal packaging choice for storing food items, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Great Packaging Choice for Luxurious Products

Metalized packaging boxes are in high demand due to the shiny look they provide. The great sleek and silky appearance attract consumer’s eyes and are best to store luxury items. They are commonly used for packaging chocolates, perfumes, cosmetics and high end electronics. Print247 is expert in designing the best and bespoke metalized boxes according to our customers demand.

Customize Metalized Boxes

Customize metallized boxes are an excellent way to promote your business. Take your business to next level of fame with our specially designed customize metalized boxes. Our custom metalize boxes comes in different sort of varieties including size, material and color. You can opt for different sizes according to your product. From massive electronics products to small cosmetic one, we have packaging for all.

Customization Options We Provide

Print247 provides different customization options to satisfy the urge of our valuable clients. You can select any size, design, color and printing patterns. Choose popping color scheme to stimulate the visual appeal of your metallized boxes.

Metallized boxes can be printed with different logos, texts and images, making them a perfect marketing tool for business.

Select Eco-Friendly Material

In addition to their functional and aesthetic properties, our metalized boxes are also eco-friendly. The metallic coating on these boxes are usually made of aluminum, which is highly recyclable material. This make metalized boxes an environmentally sustainable option for packaging.

Material We Use

Prin247 utilizes following type of material for manufacturing metallized boxes

  1. Cardboard

Cardboard board is a popular packaging material due to its flexibility, durability and ease of customization. Cardboard metallized boxes are commonly used for packaging cosmetic, electronics and luxurious products.

  1. Paperboard

Paperboard is a light-weight and cost effective material that is widely used in packaging. Paperboard metallized boxes are used to store chocolates, biscuits and snacks.

  1. Metallic Board

Metallic boxes are excellent material to maximize the security for the inside product. They are used for packaging high end products such as jewelry, watches and electronics.

Our Extravagant Finishing Options

Print247 has following finishing options to make your metallized products the talk of the town;

  1. Embossing
  2. Debossing
  3. Offset printing
  4. Metalized printing
  5. Digital printing
  6. Flexographic printing
  7. Gloss lamination
  8. Matte Lamination

Our Team

Print247 has huge number of highly expert graphic designers, production managers and labors. They all are working collaboratively to design the best metallized boxes for your products. You can come up with your idea and design. Just briefly describe us about the packaging you want and leave rest on us. Convert your ideas into reality with Print247.

In case, if you don’t know about the dimensions and graphic designing you can still choose us. Our high proficient team will guide and assist you from scratch to end. 

Delivery on Time

You don’t have to wait for too long for the arrival of your shipment. We are very determinant towards our services. Keeping our customers happy is our top priority. What makes customers happy more than timely deliveries? Imagine having timely delivery along with free shipping? Sounds good? Right? We are proud to announce that we are providing free delivery all over the USA. 

So, are you ready to make a purchase from us? Regardless of the maximum or minimum order quantity, your product will reach your doorstep. Hurry up! Don’t wait for tomorrow, order right now. Save your time and budget with Print247.