Custom Mailer Boxes

  • Size: All custom sizes and shapes
  • Color: PMS (Pantone Matching System), CMYK Printing Process.
  • Paper Stock: 10pt to 28pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Hologram Board, Card Board
  • Paper Material: Bleach Board, Card Board
  • Options: Custom Window Cut Out, Hot Foiling, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Micro Deep Embossing
  • Printing: Color Printing, Embossed Logo, Hologram, etc.
  • Finishing: Matte lamination, Soft Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Spot-UV, Foiling
  • Description: Available in all custom shapes, sizes, and card thickness

Mailer Boxes

In the digital world, some people opt for mailer boxes to ensure the product is shipped safely to their doorstep. However, one should be vigilant enough to know that single, double, and triple-fluted layers of corrugated stock. These custom mailer boxes came in different shapes and sizes and were made with the customer’s consent. They want to ship their product safely using that box, so it must be sturdy and resilient.

Custom box packaging manufactures your boxes cheap but quality control-oriented paper stock to avoid any damage to the product. These types of mailer boxes make a very remarkable impression on the receiver. We can use mailer boxes not only for subscription services but also used for various purposes in life, such as: sending books, business cards, jackets, and computer keyboards. You can also see the mailer box packaging if you are getting something online.

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom printed Mailer boxes can be fully customized to match a brand’s aesthetic. This is done by printing brand logos, text, and other graphics onto the box. Print247’s Pantone matching system color and CMYK printing colors ensure that you get the desired outcome of your custom printed mailer box packaging. The material used by us, for custom printed mailer boxes, is corrugated cardboard. It ensures the safety of your product. Also, the corrugated cardboard material provides an e-conscious feel that holds dark colors well. This also provides a simple and modest aesthetic for any package. Kraft material also has the highest recycled content of any material, making it the most eco-friendly.

PMS and CMYK Techniques for Mailer Cardboard Boxes

Print247 uses the Pantone matching system, and this cardboard material is very effective for custom brand box creation. This standard of mailer cardboard boxes offers a dependable canvas for showcasing any text and design elements.

This premium mailer box feels smooth to the touch and looks lusciously glossy, and provides photo-quality prints. You never thought about this type of subscription packaging and custom mailer cardboard boxes; with PMS you get more vibrant colors. It is the best option if you are using thin lines, metallic, and fluorescent color cardboard boxes.

CMYK is the printing process; it is the other color option. It is made up of four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This process creates images of tiny dots. It’s your best bet if you want full of colored photos or need a lot of different colors. Beautiful printing can be eye-catching and stands on its own. But if you want to evaluate your product packaging design even more, consider adding a coating or other finishing touches. This type of printing process gives your product packaging a polished, high-end look.

Keep Your Mailer Box Packaging Eco-friendly

We provide very sustainable packaging that is very eco-friendly and minimize environmental impact. Our eco-friendly mailer box packaging is thoughtfully designed to reduce waste and for sustainability.

They are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. Print247 mailer packaging boxes offers the protection of your product while reducing the carbon footprint. Our eco-friendly mailer boxes are very lightweight and designed to optimize the space. They also reduce transportation emissions. So choose our sustainable packaging for greener shipping.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Cheap Mailer Boxes

Print247 affordable mailer boxes offer very cost-effective packaging without any compromise on quality material. Designed to meet your budget requirement, that is very reliable for your product during shipping.

Print247 cheap mailer boxes come in various shapes, styles, and sizes and accommodate a wide range of products. They are very easy to assemble, saving you time and effort. Our affordable cheap mailer boxes deliver value without breaking any bank.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes Packaging

Print247 mailer packaging boxes is a versatile and effective solution for shipping products. These are designed as self-contained, providing both protection and the presentation of your items. We offer the following key elements in our mailer box packaging.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy Assemble
  • Sustainability
  • Interior Protection
  • Customizable Size
  • Secure Closure

Print247’s custom mailer boxes are a very convenient and protective solution. We also provide a professional presentation of your product.

Effects of Mailer Boxes Wholesale

When it comes to purchasing mailer boxes wholesale, there are a lot of options available. Many packaging suppliers offer the wholesale price to the demand of bulk orders. We also provide custom mailer boxes wholesale as per demand that show various effects in terms of the following elements.

  • Cost saving
  • Quality assurance
  • Customization options
  • Varieties of styles, sizes, and shapes
  • Minimum order quantity

Build Your Brand with Print247 Mailer Boxes

Mailer packaging boxes offers a very fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand that can be helpful for your customer to know the various options and advantages you provide. This type of mailer box packaging creates a memorable unboxing experience for your customer. On the other hand, printed mailer box packaging is a marketing tool.

By using our printed mailer box packaging, you can promote your new product. Printed mailer box packaging leads to a professional look towards your product. These mailer boxes can be eye-catching and give your customer a positive impression.

Personalized Cardboard Mailer Boxes Packaging

We provide customized cardboard boxes to fit products dimensionally. A customized option gives you a lot of storage space and shipping efficiency. Cardboard box packaging is available in different styles, such as: Tuck top boxes and die-cut boxes.

They can be easily recycled and contribute to the circular economy. We also provide the sturdy construction of cardboard box packaging, which provides excellent protection for your shipping product. Our cardboard boxes used for custom mailer boxes have properties of versatility, durability, and eco-friendly.

The sturdy construction of custom mailer boxes provides excellent protection, whether related to electronics, clothing, or household goods, offers reliable support, and prevents damage. Cardboard mailer boxes are lightweight packaging and the popular choice across industries just because of their safety procedure. It’s a very sustainable option that helps you evaluate your brand and ensure the safe delivery of your product.

Why Choose the Print247 Authentic Service?

Print247 has been a trustworthy platform for years. We have proven it with our services. Shipping promised products to your doorstep is our topmost priority. Don’t wait for tomorrow as tomorrow is not promised. So, place your order on Print247 to get the best mailer box packaging.