Mylar Bags

  • Size: All custom sizes and shapes
  • Color: PMS (Pantone Matching System), CMYK Printing Process
  • Specifications: Tear notch, Hang Hole (Euro and Round)
  • Material: Pet + White Pet + LDPE, Pet + Metalize Pet + LDPE, Pet + Clear Pet + LDPE, Pet + Alu Foil + LDPE Kraft Metalized, Pet + CD Holographic Pet + LDPE
  • Barrier Material: White, Clear- only For Non-Cannabis, Metalized
  • Zipper: Standard Zipper (press to close), Child Resistant zipper
  • Options: Custom Window Cut Out, Hot Foiling, Gold / Silver Foiling
  • Printing: Color Printing, Hologram, etc
  • Finishing: Matte lamination, Soft Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Spot-UV, Foiling, Soft Touch, Soft Touch + Spot UV
  • Extra Finishes: Spot Foil, Spot Matte, Tactile Feel
  • Description: Available in all custom shapes, sizes, and thicknesses

Mylar Bags – Print247

Mylar bags are the trademarked point that is made-up of polyethylene terephthalate. They are use in flexible plastic packaging material. It has several layers of plastic laminated layer, that have an excellent oxygen absorber. They allow your product to stored in the best possible condition. Mylar bags used in food packaging revolutionized food storage for the long term. They are used to protect the food from the impurities, such as; dust, light, heat, moisture, and various environmental factors.

As you know we don’t provide the proper packaging for the food. They can be spoiled due to the environmental conditions. So it is necessary to know what packaging is good for your food product related to their nature. Mylar bags protect your food from any microbial effects, keep your food safe and healthy, and preserve it for the long term.

How do I use the Mylar Bags in Food Storage?

Mylar bags create a barrier between your product and the environment. Mylar bags are used as the line food grade bucket and container, with an oxygen absorber that can preserve your food quality. Basically, they allow the food investment to be stored in the best possible condition. Mylar bags can be sealed with an ordinary cloth iron.

This is as simple as selecting the size of custom Mylar bags, buckets, and absorbers based on the food type and how much you will be storing at a time. After opening the Mylar bag in the food-grade container, place the food in the bag, add the appropriate number of oxygen absorbers, heat seal the top shut, and package and label the container. This type of packaging ensures your product’s safety well.

Customized Your Own Mylar Bags 

Custom Mylar bags has many benefits for supplements, food, and herbal product procedure. Customize your packaging through Print247 and make your own identity as a business.

Advantages of Custom Mylar Bags

The following advantages of custom Mylar bags can be really helpful for the different and various purposes of life. Some of these are here; by showing the concern of these points, you can get the advantage from the Mylar bags.

Great for Helping to Grow the Business

Print247 Mylar packaging really helps you to grow your business through its customized option. You can design your product packaging according to your demand. You can get through these all custom shapes and sizes. The customized option provides you with fit and perfect storage of your product inside. Through the printing processes, you can get your dreamy packaging in different designs.

Keep your Product Fresh

You’ve taken care to develop creative, natural, and unique products. You may be committed to sourcing organic, clean ingredients while avoiding artificial preservatives. With high-barrier films, you keep moisture and air out and your natural goodness in. Our reasonable options allow consumers to enjoy products longer, even after they’ve opened them.

Engaged with Customers through Connected Packaging

By using the Print247 Mylar bags, you can engage with your customer due to outstanding product visibility. We give you options to engage with your customer by adding a unique QR code on the bags. You can interact with your customers via loyalty and rewards programs, show your document, and verify your products authenticity when they scan the code. More importantly, the page that QR codes redirect to can update at any time.


The Material used for the Production of Mylar Bags

We used various material combinations for production of Mylar bags that can ensure the safety and quality of your product. Some of these materials are use mentioned below:

  • Pet+ White Pet+ LDPE
  • Metallize Pet+ LDPE
  • Pet+ Clear Pet+ LDPE
  • Pet+ Alu Foil+ Kraft Metallized Pet
  • Pet+ CD holographic Pet+ LDPE

We also provide barrier material-based Mylar bags. Print247 gives you these barrier materials for Mylar packaging:

  • White Barrier 
  • Clear Only for Non-Cannabis Barrier
  • Metalized Barrier

Child-Resistant and Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

Child-resistant Mylar bags are a popular choice of product packaging for flowers, medicinal herbs, cartridges, and edibles. Their scent-proof and odor-resistant nature make them a great way to keep products that are known for their strong fragrance from infiltrating their surrounding environment. Our pouches are designed to meet all the industry standards for child-resistant packaging designed for storing medicinal items, including being certified child-resistant, tamper-evident, opaque, and reasonable. 


At Print247, we’re committed to helping brands like yours care for the environment. We take care to deliver the right eco-friendly packaging so your brand can fulfill its sustainability goals and lessen its carbon footprint.

Mylar packaging bags are excellent materials for food products that need to be protected in an airtight environment. Because of its high-barrier properties, food is protected against moisture and oxygen entering or exiting the package, extending shelf-life, and keeping your product fresh.

Types of Custom-Printed Mylar Bags

Custom Mylar bags come in various types to suit different packaging and storage needs. Here are some of the most common types of custom printed Mylar bags:

Flat Pouches: These bags are flat and sealed on three sides. They make them ideal for products such as spices, vitamins, and other powders.

Child-Resistant Bags: These bags are designed with special closures. They prevent children from accessing the contents, making them ideal for products such as medications and products.

Custom-Shaped Bags: These bags can be customized to fit a product’s unique shape. They make them ideal for products that do not fit into standard bag sizes.

Zipper Bags: These bags have a reasonable zipper that allows for easy opening and closing. They make them ideal for products that need to be accessed multiple times, such as pet food or supplements.

Ordering Custom Mylar Bags Process

Ordering custom Mylar bags can be a straightforward process, but it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure that you receive a high-quality product that meets your needs.

  • Determine your Needs
  • Find Reputable Manufactures
  • Review the Design
  • Approve the Designs
  • Production and Delivery

Print247 a manufacturer will produce your custom Mylar bags according to your specifications and deliver them to you within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Maintenance and Care of Custom Mylar Bags

There are the following tips for maintaining and caring of custom Mylar bags:

  • Store in Cool and Dry Place
  • Avoid Sharp Objects
  • Avoid Exposure of Sunlight
  • Proper Seal Bags 
  • Check for Damage