Cell Phone Accessories Packaging

  • Size: All custom sizes and shapes
  • Color: PMS (Pantone Matching System), CMYK Printing Process.
  • Paper Stock: 10pt to 28pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Hologram Board, Card Board
  • Material: Bleach Board, Card Board
  • Options: Custom Window Cut Out, Hot Foiling, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Micro Deep Embossing
  • Printing: Color Printing, Embossed Logo, Hologram, etc.
  • Finishing: Embossing, Deep Embossing, Die Cutting, Gallutation
  • Extra Finishes: Form insert, Magnetic Closure, Child Resistance.
  • Description: Available in all custom shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Cell Phone Accessories Boxes

Cell phone accessories boxes are used for storing and presenting the accessories related to the phones, like headphones, chargers, cables, cases, and screen protectors. Packaging protects the accessories from damage during shipping. They provide an attractive and convenient way for customers to purchase and browse.

Print247 provides cell phone accessories boxes in the appropriate sizes to fit the specific accessory while providing adequate protection. These boxes’ packaging is very eco-friendly. They are biodegradable and recycled to enhance the appeal of products and demonstrate the commitment to the environment. Print247 cell phone accessories boxes are designed to attract customers’ attention customers attention by showcasing the product. Consideration is through the hashtags and eye-catching graphics.

Customized Cell phone Accessories Packaging

Print247 allows you to grow and define your brand with our customized cell phone accessories packaging. They provide various options for the packaging shapes. such as Custom window cutout, Hot foiling, Gold/Silver foiling, Embossing, and micro deep Embossing. Print247 allows you to make your desired packaging by providing information about your product features, specifications, and any warnings and instructions. We provide sturdy and corrugated material-based packaging such as cardboard and bleach board. We used the paper stock material of the 10pt to 28pt eco-friendly Kraft hologram board. Print247 gives you the PMS and CMYK techniques for packaging your customized cell phone accessories. You can get your dream packaging in any custom shape, size, and hard thickness.

Print247 has been a trustworthy platform for years. So, don’t hesitate and waste your time. Place your orders in bulk and save your time & budget. Get your desired cell phone accessories packaging through Print247 to boost your brand and fulfill your dreams.